The mission of dengem.

The need for communication has never been greater, especially in the current situation. To exchange with someone honestly, profoundly and uncomplicatedly in a relationship of trust is becoming more and more difficult. This creates a loneliness sometimes also a helplessness and the basic need for a conversation.

Through professional psychological consultation, this need can be fulfilled and personal problems can be dealt with systematically.

Our mission is to provide everyone with such psychological consultation in their mother tongue/culture, regardless of place and time. Everyone should have the opportunity for professional psychological consultation.

With dengem we go one step further, because a psychologist can only help with problems that he or she understands and can relate to. With cultural problems, the psychologist must know the culture, or better still live in it.

Dilan Freitag

That is why with dengem you will find clinical psychologists who speak your mother tongue and can give you professional advice.

Take care of your mind with dengem, for you are important to us.