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Muslim Therapist: The Importance of Psychotherapy

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Embarking on the path to mental health begins with choosing the right therapist. For Muslims living abroad, this decision is often intertwined with their cultural and religious values, steering them towards Muslim therapists who share their linguistic and cultural background.

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dengem, Muslim Therapist: The Importance of Psychotherapy

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Therapy with someone from your own culture

Therapy with someone from the same culture can be better in terms of being able to express oneself more easily and feeling understood. Religious values are part of this set of cultural values. A shared language aids in the more comfortable expression of emotions and concerns, facilitating an open dialogue.

It is natural and culturally acceptable for a Muslim citizen living in abroad to seek the services of a psychotherapist who is also a Muslim. Mutual understanding that comes from the same cultural background can bridge many gaps, making communication seamless and effective.

Meeting within the framework of their religious principles can help the client to feel more understood.


Is religion important in therapy?

Yes. However, it is important to note that a psychologist does not bring his or her personal religious views into therapy and does not present them as therapy material.

If the client wishes to discuss Islam, Christianity, atheism, etc., if their problems are related to their religious beliefs, or if religion plays a significant role in their life, then it can be included in the treatment.

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Are there religious references in therapy?

As with all other issues, therapy does not provide religious guidance. This is because it is a place where clients discover their own truth and solutions, rather than being told what to do.


What should you focus on in therapy?

Many Muslim people living in Europe have expressed that the beliefs of their psychologists are not important to them, but their religious beliefs are. The choice is very subjective, there is no absolute truth and the client can have a conversation with a psychologist if he or she can express themselves freely and feel happy. The basic requirement is that the therapist has obtained the necessary licence and specialization and has completed the necessary training processes for the therapy he or she is using.

If you are a Muslim living in Europe and it is important to you that your therapist is Muslim, you can have therapy with whoever you think will understand you best. Remember that counseling gives you the opportunity to look at your life, personality and relationships from a non-religious point of view.


Choosing a therapist who shares your cultural and religious values can make the process of psychotherapy feel more personalized and comfortable. At Dengem Online Terapi, we’re always ready to assist, making mental health a priority because you matter.

Take care of your soul with dengem, because you are important to us.


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