dengem, Couples therapy: What is a couples therapy?

Couples therapy: What is a couples therapy?

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Couples therapy believes that relationships are the key to understanding our psychological state. What exactly is couples and family therapy? What is the role of couples and family therapists? Let’s take a closer look. Relationships are a very important part of our lives. Whether they are interpersonal (such as family, friends or colleagues) or romantic (such as a lover, fiancé or spouse). Relationships have a profound effect on how you live, think and act.

What is a couples and family therapy?

Couples and family therapy looks at the behaviour of all members of the family. It also looks at how these behaviours affect how the family relates to one another. It is a type of psychotherapy that focuses on how it affects the whole family.

For this reason, individual therapy and couple and family therapy have different treatment structures. This therapy may also be called couple and family therapy, love and affection therapy, love and affection counselling, couple counselling, marriage counselling, marriage therapy or family therapy.

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dengem, Couples therapy: What is a couples therapy?

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What is the difference between family therapy, couples therapy and counselling?

Counselling can be used to deal with short-term, superficial or non-life-affirming issues that arise in everyday life. Therapy, on the other hand, is used to treat and resolve much larger issues. Counselling is not always considered to be a form of therapy.

Counselling and therapy are sometimes used interchangeably. In this article we will use the term therapy more often.


How is the first session of couples and family therapy conducted?

The first session of couples therapy involves several questions about the history of the relationship. An attempt is made to understand the structure of the relationship. During the course of couples therapy the presenting problems are identified.

Solutions are sought in ways that are acceptable to both parties. A therapist or couples counsellor may also intervene in a relationship crisis.

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What is the role of a family and couple therapist?

  • The goals of the therapy are determined by the family and couples psychologist.
  • A therapy schedule is drawn up for each session.
  • An existing problem can be solved through couple therapy.
  • It can prevent problems getting worse.
  • It can help couples deal with stressful situations.
  • Help the couple understand their problems.
  • It can teach them how to recognise unhealthy behaviour in their relationship.
  • Better interpersonal skills are developed.
  • Enable them to change how they perceive the relationship and how they perceive each other.
  • The couples are given homework to practise the skills they have learnt in therapy.


What are the topics covered in family therapy?

Relationship counselling and therapy often focuses on money, motherhood, sex, adultery, the mother-in-law, long-term health problems, infertility, sexual problems, gambling, substance abuse, emotional distance and conflict.

Couples and family counselling are both very personal forms of treatment. Each session is specific to the individual(s) involved. It is therefore difficult to determine what issues will be discussed during therapy sessions. This is because each session is tailored to you and your difficulties as a couple or family.

Before you go to counselling, you may want to make a list of all your problems. Write down what you would like to see discussed. This will help you get the most out of your counselling sessions. You can make it easier to solve each of your problems.

Being solution-focused can help you solve your challenges. Make your expectations clear to your therapist. It is important to communicate effectively with your therapist.

First, couples therapy can focus on the core issues, and then family counselling can help with the issues that arise because of those core issues.


With family and couple counselling, what can change?

Behavioural change is an important element of couples therapy. Most couples come out of therapy with a wide range of new skills. They learn more about relationship problems.

They improve their problem-solving skills. The quality of the relationship may improve. Problems can be solved with greater understanding and tolerance.

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When do you need to see a family and couples therapist?

If your relationship is failing, separation or divorce are not the only options. Couples therapy can help a troubled relationship. If you want to stay married to your partner, you should see a family psychologist.

Family counselling, commonly referred to as marriage counselling, helps to heal old scars in your relationship. It could be just what you need to make a fresh start. Marriages can be rebuilt with the help of counselling. It clarifies whether or not divorce is the best option.


Can family and relationship therapy be provided online?

Couples therapy is available online. In terms of content, it is identical to face-to-face therapy. In other words, anything that can be discussed in person can also be discussed online. The effectiveness of Internet therapy depends on the clients’ willingness to participate.

Improvements can be made by couples who attend regularly and stick to the techniques.

Couples in online counselling sit in front of a screen. Even if the participants are in different places, a three-way session can take place. This is one of the advantages of Internet therapy. You do not have to come to a certain place.

Again, if you need marriage counselling or have marriage problems, you can meet online. You can have online therapy with a family and relationship therapist. If necessary, children can be involved in the online process.


For marriage, family or couple therapy, do you need psychiatric help?

If problems are getting out of hand, psychiatric help may be preferred. If couples are no longer able to deal with the problem, they can make an appointment to see a psychiatrist for issues such as calming down, anger management and depression resolution. In addition, if one of the couples has a psychiatric condition, the use of medication should be monitored. The fact that one of the partners has a mental health problem can also have an impact on the relationship.


How does one become a therapist for families and couples? What qualities should a therapist have?

Marriage and family therapy, like all other areas of psychology, requires training. The first stage is to obtain a bachelor’s degree. During your undergraduate studies, you should read a section on topics such as psychology, psychological counselling and psychiatry.

Following that, a master’s degree in couple and family therapy is required. There are also postgraduate courses available to help those wishing to specialise.

dengem, Couples therapy: What is a couples therapy?

How long does couples therapy take and how much does it cost?

Couples therapy can take longer than individual therapy. This difference depends on the psychologist’s approach. Discussions with two people may take more time. Because of this, the cost of these sessions may be different from the cost of a regular session.

There is no hard and fast rule here. It may vary from psychologist to psychologist.


What types of couples therapy exist?

Different types of couples therapy are designed to address different issues and relationship dynamics. Some of the most common are

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT): EFT aims to strengthen your relationship with your partner. Your therapist will explore the reasons why you are emotionally disconnected from your partner. They will help you to change them.

Couples Behavioural Therapy (BCT): BCT encourages and promotes positive habits that lead to stability and happiness. It also resolves negative emotions. It improves your relationship with new behaviours.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT): CBT looks at cognitive patterns in your relationship that are negatively affecting your and your partner’s behaviour. The aim is to change these.

Supportive family therapy: This type of therapy promotes an environment where family members can express their feelings. It provides a safe environment where families can support each other.

Narrative family therapy: This type of therapy invites each family member to tell their stories in order to get to know each other better. Individual concerns are discussed together. Empathy skills are improved. Problems are looked at in an objective way.

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Which is the best option for me?

The type of counselling best for you depends on your circumstances. You will need to find counselling services that meet your and your family’s individual needs.

Family therapy works with all or parts of the family. It can help you resolve problems. Family therapy can help you manage conflict and become more resilient.

The focus of family counselling is on issues affecting the mental health and functioning of a family. It allows you to build stronger relationships with other family members. It can help you to improve your communication skills. It will help you to resolve family conflicts.

You need to be open and honest with your counsellor or therapist about your problems and challenges. Your marriage and family therapist can help you find the best solutions for you and your family.


Family or couple therapy?

Are your conflicts just between you and your partner? Or are they spreading and affecting other family members? If you are having problems in your relationship, it may be best to resolve them with your partner in couples counselling.

It may be important to resolve difficulties with your partner first, even if they are affecting other family members. Then you may want to consider bringing other family members along and attending family counselling sessions.

Are you having problems with another family member? You may be putting your relationship at risk. In this situation, family counselling can help you to resolve your problems.

After resolving the issues, your relationship with your partner may not improve. In this situation, you may want to try couples therapy to strengthen your relationship.


Make an appointment for counselling now

It is time to take control of the problem. Do not put off your problems. Procrastination will do you more harm than good. You may need to share them with your family.

However, you need to recognise that your difficulties cannot be permanently resolved. The need for therapy is indicated by recurring problems.

Do what is right for yourself, your partner and your family. Think about starting a therapy. Identify the barriers that prevent you from starting counselling or treatment. Perhaps online therapy can make it easier for you.

Is marriage and couples therapy available in European countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France and Belgium?

Finding a qualified psychologist or psychiatrist can sometimes be difficult. dengem can help you get therapy if you live in a European country such as Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France or Belgium. Do you reside in Berlin? Would you like to be treated in your native language?

Have you looked for a psychologist in Berlin but couldn’t find one? The solution is simple.

dengem can provide online therapy from anywhere in the world. It is normal to have problems in your marriage and relationship. However, you do not have to live with these problems forever.

dengem offers help with couples therapy or counselling as well as many other challenges. There are psychologists who are specialised in marriage and family issues.

Take care of your relationship with dengem!


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